James E. Anderson

Anderson, James E.


Professor Emeritus here
Judith A. Baer

Baer, Judith A.


Professor here
Jon R. Bond

Bond, Jon R.


Professor here
Photo unavailable

Bragg, Belinda

Lecturer here
William Clark

Clark, William

Department Head

Charles Puryear Professor of Liberal Arts here
Scott Cook Cook, Scott  Assistant Professor  here
Warren A. Dixon

Dixon, Warren A.


Professor Emeritus here
Raymond Duch

Duch, Raymond


 Adjunct Professor here
James A. Dyer

Dyer, James A.


Associate Professor here
George C. Edwards III

Edwards III, George C.


Distinguished Professor here
Maria Escobar-Lemmon

Escobar-Lemmon Maria C.

Associate Department Head

Associate Professor here
Roy B. Flemming

Flemming, Roy B.


Professor Emeritus here
Matthew Fuhrmann

Fuhrmann, Matthew


Associate Professor here
Sarah A. Fulton Fulton, Sarah A. Assistant Professor here
Nehemia Geva

Geva, Nehemia

Director, Program on International Conflict & Cooperation (PICC)

Associate Professor here
Gary M. Halter

Halter, Gary M.


Professor Emeritus here
Robert Harmel

Harmel, Robert

Professor here
Kim Quaile Hill Hill, Kim Quaile Cullen-McFadden Professor and Eppright Professor in Teaching Excellence here
Patricia A. Hurley

Hurley, Patricia A.

Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts

Professor here
Hyeran Jo Jo, Hyeran Assistant Professor here
Charles A. Johnson Johnson, Charles A. Professor here
Paul Kellstedt Kellstedt, Paul Associate Professor here
Michael T. Koch Koch, Michael T. Associate Professor here
Photo unavailable

Lewis, Dominique

Lecturer here
Quan Li Li, Quan Professor here
P. See Lim Lim, P. See Senior Lecturer here
Christine S. Lipsmeyer

Lipsmeyer, Christine S.

Director, Program in the Cross-National Study of Politcs

Associate Professor here
Norman R. Luttbeg

Luttbeg, Norman R.


Professor Emeritus here
Elena McLean McLean, Elena Assistant Professor here
Ken meier

Meier, Kenneth J.

Director of the Project for Equity, Representation, and Governance; Placement Director

Distinguished Professor here
Cary J. Nederman

Nederman, Cary J.

Chair, Diversity Committee

Professor here
Erica Owen Palmer Owen Palmer, Erica Assistant Professor here
Alex Pacek

Pacek, Alex

Director, Graduate Studies

Professor here
Francisco Pedraza Pedraza, Francisco Assistant Professor here
Edward B. Portis

Portis, Edward B.


Professor Emeritus here
Mitchell F. Rice Rice, Mitchell F. Professor here
John D. Robertson

Robertson, John D.

Director, Study Abroad

Professor here
Dwight Roblyer

Roblyer, Dwight

Lecturer here
James R. Rogers Rogers, James R. Associate Professor here
Jason Smith Smith, Jason Instructional Assistant Professor here
Ahmer Tarar Tarar, Ahmer Associate Professor here
Michelle Taylor-Robinson

Taylor-Robinson, Michelle


Professor here
M. Teodoro

Teodoro, Manuel

Associate Professor here
Harvey J Tucker Tucker, Harvey J. Professor here
Joe Ura

Ura, Joseph Daniel

Director, Undergraduate Programs and American Politics Program

Associate Professor here
Diego A. von Vacano

von Vacano, Diego A.

Director, Political Theory Convocation

Associate Professor here
Guy D Whitten

Whitten, Guy D.

Director, Program in Scientific Political Methodology and Director, EU Center

Professor here
Charles W Wiggins

Wiggins, Charles W.


Professor Emeritus here
B. Dan Wood Wood, B. Dan Professor, Cornerstone Fellow here

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